bigstock-Marketing-Business-Sales-Conse-2586147While we’re still on the subject of book production and publishing, let’s break this down a little further and talk about the basic parts, costs and marketing of your book.

Whether you are planning to hire production and publishing services, do-it-yourself (i.e. self-publish), engage a PR company, or work towards acceptance through main-stream publishing; the following information can prove very helpful in your journey.

Book Cover Design

This consists of overall design preference, including colours, use of stock photo(s) or not, illustrations (which are often more significant in cost, although ideal for some books / themes), and About the Author and Book Promo Piece.

Book Title

The title should peak curiosity and be easy to remember – sometimes a sub-title is incorporated to further expand on what the book is about – you, your Editor or Publisher should research your title as well (to avoid duplication or confusion with another book with the same or similar name).

About the Author and Book Promo Piece

You’ll often see these on the back cover.  Things to keep in mind when writing this content:

    • Brevity for sure (due to space, and how long you have the reader’s attention)
    • Who are you speaking to – i.e. who is your audience, especially those who don’t know you, haven’t heard you speak or train, etc
    • What matters to the reader … what can you say in short that ‘connects’ you to someone picking up your book for the first time
    • Use words / language that builds rapport with your specific audience – if credentials and some technical language fit, feel free to incorporate it – although keep in mind how you personally connect with others, and make sure that comes through as well

Prior to submitting your manuscript for Type-Setting, to prepare your book for printing, here are the inside parts that need to be compiled, edited and proof-read.

Copyright Page

Usually created and provided by the Editor (or Publisher) – look inside any published books you have for an example of some of the things that go on this page – an Editor / Publisher will have a standard template developed that represents them and their authors the best.

Acknowledgement(s) or Dedication

This is simply an opportunity to say thank you to those that have supported your creative and/or publishing journey – or someone that may have inspired or encouraged you – it can be as generic or specific as you prefer (loosely keeping in mind the type of book you’ve written and for what audience).


When collecting testimonials, you needn’t provide the entire manuscript for a person to comment on – the preface, foreword and/or a couple of impactful chapters is usually quite enough (keep it simple) – testimonials can be used inside the book, near the beginning – and the back of the book is a great spot to include a strong, yet brief recommendation (testimonials should also be strategically placed in your Media Kit, on your Website and Social Media).


This is usually done by the author, to portray his / her intention and overall message of the book (as described in an earlier blog).


Typically written by someone who knows the author and project well and/or has a high profile and excellent reputation in one’s local or global community – in part, the Foreword represents another third-party endorsement (as described in an earlier blog).

Table of Contents

Outlining part and/or chapter titles, and set up preferences if any.

Completed Chapters

All the above should be submitted all in one document in ‘word’, sometimes in hard copy as well (although some editors may have other preferences).

Basic Costs to Plan For:

Creative, Content and Design Support, Research, Editing and Proof-Reading, Type-Setting, E-Book and E-Reader Conversions, Printing On Demand or Volume

Other things that will affect the cost of your book: page quantity, custom illustration, colour on inside pages, special binding, hard cover versus soft cover.

Basic Marketing of a Book:

Book Launch, Book Signings, Pre-Marketing, Media Kit, TV Interviews, Blogging, Social Media,,, In Store(s) Presence, Speaking Engagements, Publisher’s Website & Promotion, Your Website & Distribution, Working with PR Firm, etc.

I highly recommend that authors access the resources and professional support that is available to them – in full or in part.  You will gain considerable insights, lessen the chances of missing important steps and timing – and enjoy the process so much more!

In general, I believe that the keys to meaningful, substantial and long-standing success in all areas of life and business are:

  • Accepting that ‘we don’t know what we don’t know
  • Asking questions is the only way we learn (barring going to school for ‘everything’)
  • Accessing and investing in other’s expertise allows us to do what we do best

Here’s to your success! Please share your ideas. Here on this blog, you’ll get commentluv.  This is a great opportunity to leave a link back to your own blog when you leave feedback.

Until next time,