Transformations – Your Inner Guide to Self-Exploration by Mark Pezzelato is an extraordinary feast for the mind and soul. It is obvious that Mark has done the work himself, and he now shares it for everyone else to benefit.

Mark continues to amaze us with his immense depth, offering up meaningful perspective and wisdom at the turn of every page. The insights and questions he poses to the reader nourish inspiring self-talk and embolden us to grow by heightening our own awareness and learning.

At times, you almost feel like you are reading a page from his private journal in that his words are so resonating and introspective. Whether you’re a budding or seasoned author or simply an avid reader of meaningful prose, you’ll love this book. My interview with Mark follows. Enjoy.                                           

What inspired you to write this book?

When I get inspired to write a book it’s because I have a flash of insight that constantly impresses itself upon me until I literally go through the actions of manifesting the dream. In this case, Transformations was a concept given to me whereby I felt as if something or someone else was doing the writing. Yes I am the author, but only because my hands typed the keys as the words flowed through me onto the page.

What do you want others to gain from your book?author-photo-mark-pezzelato-6-16-copy

Other’s have already received so many benefits from this book and continue to do so. I am always so pleased to hear when someone tells me they had something troubling them and they picked up Transformations, flipping to a random page where the answer to what was concerning them was given. It’s truly remarkable. When your words influence others in positive ways, it’s the greatest compliment an author can have, I feel.

What was your creative process for this project?

Typically, authors start with an idea, then some sort of outline or form of structure before they write a book. In delving into Transformations, I knew I wanted a book that offered the reader a page a day for an entire year, and I knew that if I wrote two pages a day, I’d have a book in six months. So, I dedicated every morning for six months to creating this work of art exactly how I envisioned it. But I also kept my options open during the process, allowing for whatever needed to surface for inspiration by not conforming to any pre-thought agenda.

Why did you choose the story-telling format you used?

At first, the book had a title for each page, a topic, and a reflection. However, when the book was complete I had about twenty quotes. It was suggested to me to either take out the quotes, or provide one for each topic. The result is the book that exists today. It flows nicely with the quotes at the beginning, and it was interesting to find quotes that reflected each topic. It felt like everything I had written was verified by someone famous or well respected. Some people think the quotes came first, then the writing, but that is not the case. The quotes were an added bonus; and readers are naturally encouraged by this outstanding collection that so beautifully aligned with the messages in Transformations.

Tell us about the fascinating cover of Transformations.

The cover art was created by my best friend, Derek Kopet. He is truly very gifted and talented. He drew it all by hand. I told him what the book was about and that I envisioned a person on a personal journey into themselves. What he created as a cover is a masterpiece. They say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” However, I hope people do judge this book by its cover because it is beautiful and inspiring and very detailed—it tells a story in and of itself.

What’s next for you as an author?

Currently I have an outline and a title for my fifth book. It’s called Doing Less to Accomplish More; and has a lot to do with meditation. At this moment though, I am very happy with re-releasing Transformations under the I C Publishing umbrella, and look forward to promoting this amazing work to the public before delving into another new venture.

Are you as captivated as I am? If you are truly ready and open to all your possibilities and potential, Transformations can and will enhance your personal growth journey even further—reinforcing and even transforming your thoughts to remind you of your own greatness . . . and the many blessings that still lie ahead.

You’ll want to read it more than once and dig a little deeper each time, and refer to your favourite passages. Transformations is now available in a convenient digital file in PDF. For those who want it in physical form too, we anticipate it being published in paperback by the spring.

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May 2017 be amazingly bright and bountiful for you and yours!

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