Author, Terri Beauchamp, is a passionate and intuitive individual with so much to share with us in Willow Bee the Tree. Children, their parents, and caregivers will enjoy this lovely introduction to mindful meditation; effortlessly learning how to do it, and easily recognizing the many benefits firsthand.

As you read through this adorable narrative you can almost feel Terri’s energy in every word. Her heartfelt desire to help us, young and old alike, quiet our minds and tap into our beautiful selves is so very apparent. For parents, the adult reader, she thoughtfully walks you through your role and how you can help your child have a positive first and ongoing experience. 

Here is my interview with Terri:

What inspired you to write this book?

I was very sick in bed one day and I was playing around on my laptop. And just like that, I started writing and Willow Bee was born. What led up to the inspiration that day came from my meditation practice, appreciation for nature (especially willow trees), and my love for children.

As a young girl, I lived in Lorretto, Ontario, and our home was surrounded by willow trees. I would sit under one particular tree all the time. I now live in Mississauga, and when I walk my dogs I visit a willow tree every day. This tree reminds me how precious life is and how we need to appreciate all the abundance that Mother Nature offers us. 

I also have two stepchildren whom I am very proud of, and I have had the great pleasure of being a part of their lives since they were very young.

What do you want others to gain from your book?

My hope is that parents and children will have a chance to build a deeper bond with each other and nature. We spend too much time handing our children technology; and while I understand this is a necessity in today’s world, it should not mean that we forget the most important lessons in life that technology cannot give us. To be at one with nature is to actually visit and sit with it. To bond and socialize with others does not always mean through social networks, but rather in person with friends and family.

It would be wonderful to see this book in the hands of teachers as well. There are a lot of schools teaching children meditation at a young age and this book is a great guide for that. 

The audience I chose to focus on for Willow Bee the Tree is younger children, because they are our future. If we can teach them early on about the benefits of meditation, then they will have the tools they need to be happier, more peaceful, and self-fulfilled individuals as they get older.

What was your creative process for this project?

Well, it was never planned, it just happened. I trusted my intuition; and after writing the book, each day I would draw a new picture to align with the words I had written. There was never really a process, it was just natural. I’m very grateful to Jenna Stewart for bringing these pictures even more to life for when I was ready to publish.

Why did you choose the storytelling format you used?

As I mentioned above, there was never really a particular format I chose. I based my book on experience, intuition, and the love of I have for children and nature, especially trees. It just flowed naturally from my mind to pen to paper.

What’s next for you as an author?

Willow Bee is intended to be a series. I have so much to share with parents and children, exploring more of nature. 

I also hope to write a book in a similar format but cater it to Autistic children.

In closing, the collaboration between Terri’s original artwork and Jenna Stewart’s illustrations brings Willow Bee to life in a beautiful and nurturing way, especially for the young reader learning to appreciate mindful meditation through nature.

Terri’s footprint with Willow Bee’s Mindful Meditation Series will have a ripple effect for many years to come; with its potential reach quite endless, from families and schools to the next generation.

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