In many ways, Hay Day: The Family Farm Series brings us back to our roots, to that of toiling the land and working together to get the job done. And you naturally reflect on the importance of farming still today, as well as in days gone by.

The many metaphors, such as pride in our work and not giving up when the going gets rough, that Bill has artfully woven into the entire narrative of Hay Day makes this a must-have book and series to share with the whole family.

It’s playful rhythm and lifelike characters are sure to engage the very young and young at heart.

Enjoy my interview with Bill:

What inspired you to write this book?

Inspiration for Hay Day came from my two children and a desire to share with them a piece of my childhood while growing up on our family farm.

What do you want others to gain from your book?

Hay Day gives us a first glimpse into the world at the Family Farm, introducing the setting and characters that will appear in future titles. I’m hopeful that readers will learn a little about life on a farm and the importance of overcoming obstacles to achieve goals. I’ve written the book with both kids and adults in mind and hope that everyone will find enjoyment from sharing Hay Day.

What was your creative process for this project?

Friday night! Following months of brainstorming and jotting down ideas for stories, I sat down one Friday evening when the creative juices were flowing. I wrote the first draft of Hay Day that night and tweaked it slightly in the days and weeks that followed.

Why did you choose the story-telling format you used?

I’m naturally drawn to children’s books that rhyme, and my kids are too! Some of our favourites include Big Red Barn, Gruffalo, and Oh, the Places You’ll Go. Unsure of my format at first, when I sat down to write Hay Day the first two lines happened to rhyme. So I went with it.

What’s next for you as an author?

Since writing Hay Day I’ve gone on to write two more stories in The Family Farm Series, Tony Bologna, and A Hen Named Gwen. I plan to take both of these stories through the partner publishing process with Sheri and the I C Publishing team. Please stay tuned!

Bill’s hands-on attention to every detail has truly brought forth a classic. It’s pure Canadiana at its best.

It’s been a pleasure to partner with Bill to help bring this lovely book to life, and we look forward to the other little gems in the series to follow.  Be sure to visit the I C Bookstore to get your copy of Hay Day. It’s a story sure to warm your heart.

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