It’s that time again, we have birthed yet another collection of stories in the Hearts Linked by Courage© series, this time with the wonderful contributors from Hospice Georgina.

This beautiful book gives us just a glimpse into the meaningful and life-changing work that a small but mighty local hospice team provides daily to its community and has been for over two decades. It exudes the kindness and caring of the human spirit that is alive and well in the town of Georgina.

My warmest thanks to current Executive Director, Marie Morton, who spearheaded this vision from the beginning. It has been an honour to work with you and your team, and I truly value your confidence in I C Publishing to treat your stories with the care they deserve and bring them to life to help others. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to partner with Hospice Georgina and all the story contributors to create this third book in the Hearts Linked by Courage© series.

Enjoy my interview with Marie:

What inspired you to write this book and embrace the Hearts Linked by Courage project for your organization?

2017 was our 20th year of incorporation, and I knew we needed to do something special and lasting to mark the occasion, to celebrate all the work Hospice Georgina has done over the years. So, when we were approached by I C Publishing introducing the concept of doing a hospice volume in the Hearts Linked by Courage series, I knew that was the “special something” that we could do to document and celebrate our volunteers’ efforts over so many years.

What do you want others to gain from your book?

I would like people to get an understanding of the joy and hope in hospice. Get past the preconceptions about death, dying, and what they think hospice is. Read these stories and be touched by them and learn about the work we do.

What was the creative process like for you and your story contributors?

Some people are natural storytellers and put pen to paper without hesitation. Other folks are natural storytellers, but don’t really see themselves as such; fascinatingly though, they only needed this opportunity to capture the tales they tell out loud in a more permanent written form.

For others, the creative process needed a little help. They needed peer support, and I C Publishing was kind enough to offer us a writers’ workshop. It was amazing to see the stories pour out of everyone as their inner thoughts and emotions were tapped.

Although there were many paths to creativity, they all arrived at Hearts Linked by Courage©.

What resonated with you and your contributors about the Hearts Linked by Courage© series?

The honesty. People saying out loud the things that they might otherwise only hold in their hearts.

What’s next for you as an organization, and group of authors?

As we celebrate the past, Hospice Georgina is ready to move forward into bold, new territory. We have just moved our office into a community hub so that we can grow our services and provide more support to people in Georgina.

What can one do to help share your thoughtful message and enlightening work in our community?

That’s simple—volunteer with Hospice Georgina! It’ll be an incredibly meaningful aspect to your life, and you’ll have the opportunity to be there for someone else in need. It’s a connection at the most fundamental human level. It’s Sharing the Caring.

These stories touch us in so many ways. They inspire us to consider the possibilities and the incredible rewards of volunteering; and encourage us for when we might need a friend to walk a difficult path with or guidance to help us heal from poor health or loss.

Heartfelt congratulations to all who made this publication possible, from those who courageously shared their stories to those in the background who provided their support. A very special note of gratitude goes to my dear mother, best friend, and editorial partner, Gayle Clarke, whose contributions to the Hearts Linked by Courage© series has been truly precious and invaluable.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Hearts Linked by Courage© – Sharing the Caring right here in the I C Bookstore. You’ll find the rest of the series there too.


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