Lasting Lessons Beyond the Classroom is Allan Carswell’s third book in less than a year—a memorable year at that. To top it off he was recently presented with the Order of Ontario for his significant contributions to the field of laser-imaging technology and the development of related space instrumentation, a much-deserved honour to add to the previously awarded Order of Canada and Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Allan Carswell’s writing exudes a lifetime of experience and wisdom. In Lasting Lessons Beyond the Classroom, Allan shares stories from his youth with insightful details. The witty descriptions of his adventures often had me chuckling, sometimes out loud.

He pens vividly, and a bit tongue-in-cheek, about the precarious situations he and his cohorts found themselves in, like having to ride atop an elevator when moving large furniture from the third floor of a building, or when he lost part of his load while driving a truck, which resulted in tiddlywinks strewn along the highway.

The more serious takeaway of Lasting Lessons Beyond the Classroom is the learning Allan chooses to glean from sometimes the most mundane and tedious of tasks and circumstances. And in case that wasn’t enough, he touches on topics like entrepreneurship and the current gig economy in his Conclusion.

The lessons Allan shares remain invaluable regardless of the era, and it is a wise person who follows his lead to always see the good and to find the nuggets in every experience.

I hope you will take a moment to check out Lasting Lessons Beyond the Classroom here in our bookstore. Click on the PDFs under Book Details and learn more about Allan, his work, and inspiring benevolence. Enjoy the photos and reading about the Carswell’s chronicle of events that contributed to Canada’s flight to Mars on the NASA Phoenix Mission of 2007. At the very bottom of this book page, you can link to Allan’s other two books as well, Memories of the Real Helen Carswell and Our Lingering Farewell, written in honour of his lovely wife, Helen, and her courageous journey with Alzheimer’s disease.

In 2020, Allan and the Carswell Family Foundation funded a lovely publication supporting the important work of the Alzheimer Society of York Region—Hearts Linked by Courage – Honouring Loved Ones and Caregivers on the Dementia Journey—in which he also contributed a chapter.

What we see in others exists within us too. Unique gifts. The Challenges. The Journey. Courage. Serendipity. Opportunities. Altruism.

In writing the blog here at I C Publishing, my hope is that you may see yourself in all of us and know you’re not alone in your creative pursuits or your life journey.

If we can dream it, we can do it, according to Walt Disney. And even if we don’t envision it exactly, but we’re open to the possibilities and we cultivate the initiative and wisdom to actively respond to that which crosses our path, as Allan Carswell exemplifies, good fortune beyond measure can still blossom.

As we all continue to navigate these unique times, let’s keep our focus on what we can do. Stay active and healthy. Hold space for others. Read. Learn. Dream. Believe.

The best is always yet to come,


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