What’s Your Impact Going to Be This Year?

What’s Your Impact Going to Be This Year?

The value of assessing progress and process, followed by the smallest of consistent, incremental changes, can equal significant results . . . At the beginning of each year, and often each season, I evaluate what’s working and what changes I want or need to make.

Understanding the Goal Setting Process

Recognize the powerful learning in your biggest challenges. Track and acknowledge your accomplishments regularly (big and small). Know what you want, financially and otherwise. Embrace what excites and motivates you the most, and let it be the driving force to help you create and live your ideal life.

Don’t Set Goals to Write A Book or Increase Income or Change The World?!

How would accomplishing this goal change your life, personally and professionally – for you, your family, friends, colleagues or clients? Look at all angles. Would you be happy with these changes or might it be helpful to adjust your goal slightly – to ensure that the outcomes you are striving for have a lasting and positive affect all, where possible?