I C Publishing Features Mark Pezzelato, Author of Transformations

I C Publishing Features Mark Pezzelato, Author of Transformations

Transformations – Your Inner Guide to Self-Exploration by Mark Pezzelato is an extraordinary feast for the mind and soul. The insights and questions posed to the reader nourish inspiring self-talk and embolden us to grow by heightening our own awareness and learning. At times, you almost feel like you are reading a page from the author’s private journal in that his words are so resonating and introspective.

Don’t Set Goals to Write A Book or Increase Income or Change The World?!

How would accomplishing this goal change your life, personally and professionally – for you, your family, friends, colleagues or clients? Look at all angles. Would you be happy with these changes or might it be helpful to adjust your goal slightly – to ensure that the outcomes you are striving for have a lasting and positive affect all, where possible?

Time to Reinvent Yourself in 2012?

Maybe you’re thinking about the past choices you’ve made, and the changes you’d like to incorporate in the coming weeks and months; or what new things you want to learn, explore or achieve. Not so long ago, I was invited to do a one-to-one TV interview on the topic of Reinventing Yourself. I’m happy to share, and my hope is that it gives you the inspiration, insights and encouragement you need, as you embrace the new year, set new goals and achieve your heart’s desire! …Perhaps a new career, your first or 5th book, a healthier you, stronger relationships … ? Why not?!